°K~awaii is the exclusively ℃-ute cover group.


Current MembersEdit

Past MembersEdit


Founded in September of 2013 by Thea and Arco, it exclusively covers songs by the Hello!Project group, C-ute. It's first lineup was composed of Kaya, Kei, Michi, Natsumi and Hoezay, but Kaya and Hoezay soon left before the first single was released.

Discography Edit

Major SinglesEdit

  1. [2014.01.07] Kanashiki Amefuri/Adam to Eve no Dilemma
  2. [2014.02.23] Tokai no Hitorigurashi
  3. [2014.06.12] Namida no Iro
  4. [2014.07.30] Kokoro no Sakebi wo Uta ni Shite Mita
  5. [2014.11.08] Massara Blue Jeans