Carino! is the exclusively Buono! cover group. It is the second official Buono! cover group, the first being Sorelle Rosa.



The idea for it was conceived by Michi to replace her beloved Sorelle Rosa.

Comprised solely of Michi, Thea and Priyam, these three cover only songs from the Hello! Project unit Buono!

Their name means "Cute" in Italian.

In the pre-planning stage, they decided to give Carino! a whole different image and feel from the Sorelle Rosa which had a very cute image. Michi's statement, "Carino! will be a little edgier maybe. Right now, we're still looking into everything. While we are also the Buono! cover group, we don't don't want to be known as the carbon copy. We are Carino! and Sorelle Rosa is Sorelle Rosa. Look out for us!"

Discography Edit

Major SinglesEdit

  1. [2014.10.17] co·no·mi·chi
  2. [2014.12.25] Winter Story