S/hineage is the exclusively S/mileage cover group.


Current MembersEdit

Former Members


Originally founded in September of 2013 by Thea and Arco, but later scrapped due to lack of interest.

Revived in January of 2014 by members Kei and Thea, and the first lineup consists of Sayumin, Kei, Star, Foxtella, and Rika-chan.

S/hineage covers only songs from the Hello! Project group S/mileage.

Discography Edit

Major SinglesEdit

  1. [2014.04.28] Atarashii Watashi ni Nare!/Yattaruchan
  2. [2014.06.25] Yumemiru 15
  3. [2014.09.15] Ee ka!?
  4. [2014.11.10] Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii!!!
  5. [2015.01.19] Aa Susukino