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General Information

Also known as


Shi-chan (by Michi)


April 9th, 1993   (age 21 )


Wales, UK




Copywriter, Cosplayer

Years active






Associated Acts

Minna Musu., SuisenGumi & Rain=bow


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Shiroi (白井) or Shiroi Koyuki is a member of the 3rd Generation along with Foxtella and Rika . Currently in two of the project's major groups, Minna Musu 。and Rain=Bow . Her image color 'Royal Blue.'

She is known for being the most quiet in the group but when her confidence kicks in she's hyper. She's also known for her in-depth knowledge of the Sonic The Hedgehog series & Korean singer BoA Kwon.

Vocally, she's also known for having a clear voice.



In 2007, she started doing covers of Utada Hikaru songs on YouTube after becoming a fan of Kingdom Hearts.  By 2008, after discovering more Japanese singers she started covering songs on YouTube again, as well as performing onstage with a performance group known as UCAN Productions, which I'd been a member of for a while at that point.

2008 was the year I became an idol fan. The first idol song she ever heard was Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance by Berryz Koubou :) She continued to sing alone until 2013 which is when I started to participate in annual and one time singing projects.


She entered Danshi Joshi Project with the other Third Generation members and was in three groups, Minna Musu。 and Rain=Bow


  • Stats
    • Name: Shiroi Koyuki
    • Image Color: Royal Blue
    • Nicknames: Shiroi
    • Birthdate: April 9, 1993
    • Birthplace: Wales
    • Age: 20
    • Western Zodiac: Aries
    • Chinese Zodiac: Rooster
    • Blood Type: N/A
    • Height: N/A
    • Hobbies: Sports, going to EXPO's, reading and writing music.
    • Special Skills: Swimming and singing.
    • Favorite Colors: Blue and Autumn colours.
    • Favorite Animals: Cats
    • Favorite Season: Autumn
    • Favorite Foods: Baked Eggs Flamenco, Red Bean Tong Yuan, Tamago Nigiri and Cheese.
    • Least Favorite Food: Tomatoes and mushrooms
    • Favorite Songs: BoA - Moon & Sunrise
    • Danshi Joshi Project Groups:

     Minna Musu。(2013-present)

     Rain=bow (2013 - present)


  • She is a cosplayer and cosplayed characters like, Sailor V.  
  • When She's not singing, she's part of a video game commentary group called, Swashbuckling Console War Regiment Musketeers Comms.
  • She was a video game and anime fan before becoming a J-pop fan.
  • When it comes to fandom's she's known for having unpopular opinions.
  • She considers Ryan as her rival as her voice can get quite deep.
  • She doesn't think there's anyone in the project she doesn't get along with but she converses with Thea , Ryan , Michi & Pri-chan (Priyam ) the most :)
  • She believes that her voice is the least cutest in DJP. Michi disagrees.
  • Like Michi , she also love idols with "infamously annoying personalities" 
  • Her favourite singer is BoA Kwon whom she also have a big crush on.
  • Before she started university she was a competitive swimmer. She just swims for fun now.
  • She is a mermaid.