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General Information

Also known as

Mommy (by STAR and Michi)

Yuzuzu (by Michi)



November 28, 1984 (age 29)


New Milford, CT





Years active







BoCo (2014)

Platina Lady (2014)

Associated Acts

Minna Musu。, Rain=Bow and Raspberryz


Yuzuriha, also called, "Yuzu" is Second Generation member of Danshi Joshi Project. Currently in three of the project's major groups, Minna Musu。Rain=Bow and Raspberryz  Her image color is 'Forest Green.'

She is known as the Danshi Joshi Project Ace for her unique and unmatched voice. Rika calls her the Ai Takahashi and Sakura Oda of the group. She is known for her very nuturing personality. She is known for being the voice of the group's Risako Sugaya.  



In 2003-2007 Yuzu was in a  few groups, such as: Rikon Tanjoubi (A MKB group), Himawari (A Tanpopo group), and Morning Musume Project. After which, she went on a hiatus. 


With the sudden graduations, Danshi Joshi Project began to have problems with numbers. Yuzu joined the project with the new Second Generation members and immediately stood out for having one of the best voices. 

She joined the following groups: Minna Musu。Rain=Bow and Raspberryz


She was made into DJP moderator with former member, Valerie. 


  • Stats
    • Name: Yuzuriha
    • Image Color: Forest Green
    • Nicknames: Yuzu
    • Birthdate: November 28, 1984
    • Birthplace: New Milford, CT
    • Age: 29
    • Western Zodiac: Sagittarius
    • Chinese Zodiac: Rat
    • Blood Type: A+
    • Height: 5'4"
    • Hobbies: Karaoke (duh), video games, cooking, piano, obsessing over my dog
    • Special Skills: Sudoku, Dr. Mario, and I guess I'm pretty good at singing
    • Favorite Colors: Powder pink 
    • Favorite Animals: Pigs, turtles, bunnies
    • Favorite Season: Spring
    • Favorite Foods: Enchiladas, french fries, shabu shabu, bibimbap
    • Least Favorite Food: Mac and cheese, PORK, SEAFOOD
    • Favorite Songs: These are always changing BUT Rock Erotic - Berryz Koubou; Renai Hunter - Morning Musume; Saraba Itoshiki Kanashimitachi Yo - Momoiro Clover Z
    • Favorite H!P girl: Sugaya Risako <3<3<3<3<3<3<3
    • Danshi Joshi Project Groups:

    Minna Musu。 (2013-present)

    Rain=bow (2013 - present)

    Raspberryz (2014 - present)


  • Rika calls her the Ai Takahashi/Sakura Oda of the group. Other members have called her a 'goddess.'
  • Michi has a shipping with her and Thea which she calls Aishipping because they are both centers and associated with Ai Takahashi. Michi also ships her with former member, Valerie which she calls Moonshipping
  • Several members have expressed love to her and her voice, Thea , Michi , Rika, Star, Arco and Foxtella
  • She most likely gets along best with Thea and former member Valerie.
  • She and former member, Valerie have a group together called, BoCo. 
  • Her boyfriend is also named Ryan and had caused some confusion before, so Arco was often teased about his cheating to Thea for Yuzu. Or his having a polyamorous relationship with both. 
  • She has auditioned for Hello!Project before. 
  • She is currently the oldest member of the group. 
  • It is rumored that she will be leading her own group soon in the project soon. 

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